Judge denies bail to two key suspects in S$1.8 billion money laundering case

Two Men in S$1.8 billion money laundering case denied bail by Judge.

Two men implicated in a colossal S$1.8 billion money laundering case in Singapore have been denied bail due to concerns about their potential to flee.

Wang Baosen, 31, and Su Baolin, 41, sought bail, but the judge, District Judge Brenda Tan, deemed them high flight risks. The judge emphasized that the burden was on the accused to justify bail for non-bailable offenses. Wang, who holds two foreign passports and derives income from overseas, was seen as having weak ties to Singapore and the means to relocate.

Su, who also possesses two passports and owns property in China, was considered equally likely to abscond, despite his family residing in Singapore. Their cases will proceed with further court appearances, with no bail granted. Additionally, eight others involved in the same case were also denied bail during earlier proceedings on the same day.