Popular night clubs in China

When it comes to nightlife, China takes the party to a whole new level. Explaining these clubs to friends back home can be a challenge, as words often fail to capture their sheer extravagance. So, let’s embark on a journey through the top 10 nightclubs in China that are redefining the nightlife experience.

1. Club Master – Shanghai

Having spent a year as a consultant and resident DJ at Club Master, I can attest that it’s a realm of unparalleled luxury. The club’s interior is a visual masterpiece, with its ceiling and walls adorned by “moving heads” lights, capable of a kaleidoscope of colors and movements. These lights, choreographed to bend light in astonishing ways, are a one-of-a-kind wonder designed by Japan’s TeamLab. Beyond this, the club hosts shows where orchestras blend seamlessly with DJs, creating a sensory extravaganza. It’s no surprise that this is China’s most opulent club.

2. Space Plus – Guangzhou

Space Plus stands among China’s largest clubs, with a capacity to hold 4000 revelers and an LED screen bigger than three cinemas combined. But it’s not just the size that’s impressive; it’s the service. The attention to detail is mind-blowing. An army of attendants is ready to assist, guide, and ensure your night is seamless. It’s a level of service that’s beyond your wildest expectations.

3. Playhouse – Chengdu

Playhouse is synonymous with top-tier clubbing in China. Their events are a masterclass in party perfection, boasting dancers, flames, inflatables, MCs, fireworks and more. The atmosphere is electric, offering a sensory overload that few can match. Playhouse has established its clubbing empire across multiple cities and its reputation is well-deserved.

4. Exit – Changsha

Club Exit in Changsha is a departure from the typical Chinese club setup. Picture an underground German techno club meets the future, complete with a colossal LED screen. It feels like stepping into a Batman cave of the future, a dark, elongated rectangle that you can get lost in. It’s an experience that left me wondering why such clubs aren’t found in Europe.

5. Illusion Pro – Wuhan

Illusion Pro in Wuhan is aptly named. During my performance, the entire ceiling descended, transforming into small cubes with mesmerizing visuals. It was like being transported from a club into a world of illuminated cubes. The green room for guest DJs is equally mesmerizing, resembling a giant LED cube. It’s an otherworldly experience.

6. One Third – Kunming

Kunming, nestled in the southwest of China, is home to One Third. The hospitality here is exceptional. Upon my arrival, the club welcomed me with a massive 3×3-meter poster featuring photos from my previous shows. It was an honor beyond words. One Third is a well-established brand that knows how to throw unforgettable events.

7. Warehouse Galame – Foshan

Warehouse Galame is an underground haven for true ravers and music lovers. It’s not about flashy lights or colossal LED screens here; it’s about the music and the atmosphere. The crowd knows the beats and lyrics by heart, creating a unique vibe not found in most other clubs.

8. Rooftop Bar – The Bund

While it’s a rooftop bar, it deserves a spot in the top 10. Surrounded by skyscrapers adorned with LED screens, the view from here over the famous Bund area is awe-inspiring. The dance floor offers an enchanting spectacle, with the entire city center aglow in lights, all while enjoying budget-friendly drinks.

9. D5 – Liuzhou

Liuzhou may be a “small” city with just 2.2 million residents, but its club, D5, reaches towering heights—literally. Its towering 10-meter-high LED screen is a sight to behold, accompanied by a sound system that ensures a night of epic proportions.

10. First Club – Changzhou

Changzhou, a lesser-known city near Shanghai, houses one of my personal favorites. While not as over-the-top as some other clubs, First Club strikes the perfect balance. It’s a testament to how even smaller Chinese towns boast remarkable clubs.