Rare Handwritten Apple-1 Advertisement by Steve Jobs Sells for $175,759 at Auction

A piece of Apple history, of significant value to tech enthusiasts and collectors, has recently been auctioned off for an astounding sum of $175,759 by Boston-based RR Auction. The item in question is an original handwritten advertisement for the pioneering Apple-1 Computer, personally crafted by none other than Steve Jobs himself. This rare document offers a glimpse into Jobs’ meticulous attention to detail, visionary thinking, and his humble beginnings in the confines of his parents’ garage.

The advertisement, which carries Jobs’ full lowercase signature “steven jobs,” provides a window into the formative days of the Apple Computer Company, as it features his parents’ home address and contact number—historically serving as the company’s initial headquarters.

The carefully-penned draft showcases the technical intricacies of the groundbreaking Apple-1, which harnessed the capabilities of the 6800, 6501, or 6502 microprocessor. In a display of Jobs’ acumen, he suggests opting for the 6501 or 6502 due to their compatibility with “basic” software. Additionally, the draft underscores the Apple-1’s potential for expansive growth up to 65K through an edge connector, housing an array of 58 integrated circuits, including 16 dedicated to 8K RAM. Interestingly, the document makes reference to “basic on the way (ROM),” a concept that would ultimately materialize in the form of the Apple II, a subsequent innovation to the Apple-1.