Top 5 e-games played in Indonesia

While games like Mobile Legends, Free Fire, and PUBG Mobile often steal the esports spotlight, Indonesia boasts a diverse esports scene with other popular contenders. Beyond the usual suspects, let’s dive into the most sought-after esports games in Indonesia, ranked by their prize pool prominence.

1. Mobile Legends – The Undisputed Champion:
Mobile Legends reigns supreme as the most beloved esports game in Indonesia. From the MPL (Mobile Legends Professional League) to the M Series, Indonesian teams have consistently emerged victorious. EVOS Legends’ crowning achievement as the M1 World Championship winners in 2019 marked a historic moment.

These are the esports giants that grace Indonesia’s gaming landscape. How many of these titles have you conquered? Share your experiences in the comments below!

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2. PUBG Mobile – Battlegrounds Brilliance:
PUBG Mobile, a Tencent creation, claims the second spot. Indonesian teams have excelled, achieving global recognition. Bigetron Red Aliens’ victory at the 2019 PMCO Fall Split Global Finals is a proud moment. With PMPL, PMCO, PINC, and more tournaments, PUBG Mobile remains a thriving esports platform.

3. Free Fire – Unstoppable Fire:
Free Fire, a household name in Indonesia, hardly needs an introduction. With tournaments like FFML and FFIM, alongside international events like FFWS (Free Fire World Series), Indonesian teams have left an indelible mark. EVOS Divine’s triumph at the 2019 FFWS stands as a testament to their prowess.

4. Call of Duty Mobile – A Mobile Sensation:
Call of Duty Mobile, introduced in 2019, swiftly rose to become Indonesia’s premier esports game. The CODM Major Series Season 8 recently showcased top-tier competition on the world stage, with Kagendra clinching the title once again.

5. Arena of Valor – The Garena Glory:
Arena of Valor, a creation of Garena, secures the fifth spot. National and international tournaments like ASL (Arena of Valor Star League) keep the fervor alive. The recently concluded ASL 2023 Spring tournament witnessed historic moments, including Kagendra’s triumphant victory.