Vietnamese mother seeks shared custody of daughter with Singaporean ex-husband, hopes for immigration benefits

A Vietnamese woman who was previously married to a Singaporean man and shares a daughter with him is requesting shared care and control of their child. She believes that if the arrangement is granted, immigration authorities in Singapore might allow her and her daughter to stay in the country permanently.

Additionally, she hopes to obtain permission to work in Singapore. However, a Family Court Judge has refrained from making a decision on the application, urging the parents to secure necessary residential permissions from immigration authorities first.

The judge stressed that it would be challenging for shared care and control to be practiced in two different countries unless both mother and daughter are granted permission to stay in Singapore. The couple married in 2017, but the marriage was short-lived, resulting in divorce. The woman aims to enhance her daughter’s chances of studying and residing in Singapore through this arrangement.

The judge highlighted that immigration authorities must grant required permissions before considering a shared care and control order, suggesting that the immigration process should be navigated before pursuing legal arrangements. While the parents’ intention to co-parent is commendable, the judge advised focusing on immigration aspects initially.